Friday, 24 February 2017

(Download) FastKey Launcher APK - Fast Key App For PC Free

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There are so many Android launchers out there that finding the right home screen replacement for you - one that perfectly suits your needs and style of use - becomes a vast trial and error exercise. There are pitchers who are all about looks, those who try to attract the powerful user with heps of shortcut options and gestures, and then there are the middlemen, those who want to bring the best of both worlds (but rarely succeed in doing it).

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Either way, there are probably ten new launchers that run every day on Google Play. That many of them are mediocre is a secret for anyone, especially for those who have gone through dozens of home screen replacements over the years. However, from time to time, a single well-thought-out launcher would emerge on the massive front of Google's online store, and more often than not, it would not get the attention it deserves, just to stay buried under the mounds of another Home Replacing screen apps and sliding in the dark.

 apk for pc download fastkey launcher app

Today, we had the opportunity to launch a promising new Android launcher for a return before its official launch on Google Play. FastKey Launcher is developed by a startup of the same name, the key investors in which they are two former executives of SPB Software. SPB Software, now a division of Russian IT giant Yandex, is the company that developed the SPB Shell 3D launcher for Symbian devices almost a decade ago. SPB Shell 3D found its way to Android a few years later and opened the floodgates for an endless stream of home screen replacement applications. With that said, let's see if FastKey Launcher deserves your time and attention.


Making a point here, let's now review Fastri Andriod pitcher to see if they really deserve our attention and time or not.
  • The replacement of the launch screen of Fastkey Android launcher is to simply launch or dial a contact as fast as possible.
  • Android Quick Key Launcher has no business with folders, shortcuts, label application drawers, and tastes. Instead, you need a search-based approach by replacing a virtual keyboard and a search bar on your home screen.
  • With the fast launch applications for Android, what you do is touch a key and all the applications and corresponding contacts with the recorded letter will automatically appear above the keyboard.
  • Speed-wise, Fastkey launcher applications for Android absolutely outperforms scrolling through your contact list or drawer application.
  • In terms of dexterity, the hot key is a top launcher for the Android home screen replacement if you have many applications installed on your device.
  • Fastkey offers the fastest launch ever in an application of its type.
  • Although the Rapid Key Android launcher does things totally differently, it still gives you the opportunity to use the traditional home screen. It has a spring at the bottom in addition to other scrollable pages so you can set icons and folders, as well as a custom drawer application for your move at any time you want.
  • Fastkey launcher for Android applications replacing home screen is not complicated in terms of customization. It offers you the opportunity to choose between scroll effects ranges, let you adjust the grid size of your home screen, change the icon's label, customize the design of your drawer applications and so on.
 fastkey launcher apk for pc free download


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