{** Vas} Download BeautyPlus Magical Camera for PC/Laptop, Windows (10, 8, and 8.1/7)

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Hello friends, Techtwister is back with a greatest Post, That is How to Download BeautyPlus Magical Camera for PC/Laptop. Simply Follow the steps To Know More About  BeautyPlus Magical Camera Free Download for PC/Laptop.

Download BeautyPlus Magical Camera : You guys want to do your photos as glamorous as the original photo, and upload BeautyPlus magical camera for PC / laptop. If you take pictures with your mobile camera by default, it can not show your photos as glamorous. But if you use this beautiful BeatyPlus on your laptop, certainly you can make your photos into a beautiful look. In fact, this is an android application, but using an Android emulator, we can download and use BeautyPlus magical camera on windows PC / Laptop. Most Android applications, we can download from Google Play Store, this BeautyPlus available camera, download if free BeautyPlus magical camera on windows (8, 8.1, 10, 7) laptop using Bluestacks app player and make your pretty pictures appearance. If you want to go with another emulator, you can download the trail version and download YouWave BeautyPlus selfie camera to PC, laptop using an emulator YouWave.

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In other countries most Android users use BeautyPlus magical camera as default camera. Get your questions inside? Like, how do I download android BeautyPlus magical camera app for PC or laptop? No worries, here is the guide, it makes you out of this issue and push you to use magic BeautyPlus camera Laptop computer. Before going to see this app on your Windows PC, know some advantages of this camera application BeautyPlus.
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Features of BeautyPlus Magical Camera for PC 2016– Windows/Mac/iOS :

  • You can download it at free of cost.
  • Also share your beautiful images on facebook, twitter and instagram etc.
  • Auto enhancement makes your photos more beautiful.
free download buetyplus for pc

download beauty app for pc

  • it adds more beauty to your image and improves image quality.
  • Allows poly face recognition.
  • Use intelligent exposure to take your images more clear and glowing of yourself even at dark locations.
  • Five levels of beauty enhancement.
  • User friendly and very simple to use.
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Free BeautyPlus Magical Camera for Windows PC, Laptop using Andorid Emulator : 

Using the Android emulator, I'll make how to download free PC Camera Magical BeautyPlus. While doing all you should have a good Internet connection. If you have net at high speed, then you have less time to use this BeatyPlus application on your Windows computer. Read the following lines one by one and download BeatyPlus selfie camera on a laptop.
Download Bluestacks App forpc
  • Open Bluestacks search tab, you will find this icon in the top left corner inside Bluestacks.
  • Type BeautyPlus magical camera according to research out there with that name, you can find the application.
  • Now click on the Install button to install Beautyplus magical camera to your PC or laptop.
  • Well now you can make your beautiful photos on this appliation.
Download Hotstar App For PC

Use the Magic BeautyPlus camera Laptop / Computer Install BeautyPlus on Bluestacks Apk

Apk this method is a variant of the method given above. This method is very easy to install BeautyPlus selfie camera to computer or laptop. 
  • First download the .apk file BeautyPlus.
download youwave emulaor for pc
  • If you downloaded and double-click to install the apk file on the software Bluestacks.
  • Now enjoy the selfie camera application on your Windows system.
I hope you have successfully Download BeautyPlus Magical Camera for PC/Laptop using the guide on  BeautyPlus Magical Camera for PC/Laptop. If u have Any Quiries Fell Free To comment Below.And be follow us On Facebook, Google+, Twitter.

(** Tech) Every Windows User Should Know 18 CMD Commands

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Hello Friends TheTechtwister is Back With a greatest post that is ,the CMD commands that are very useful in using computer.

18 CMD Commands Every Windows User Should Know :- CMD Commands Every Windows user should know: Microsoft, one of the giant technology companies deliberately but clearly leads the side of command line in the Windows interface. The reason is that the command prompt program is an archaic and mostly useless tool of a time from input to basic text which has long past. However, there are still some commands that are beneficial where the Windows 8 and the latest Windows platform 10 was included this program with more additional features. You may be wondering when you have such an attractive interface, using the command prompt may seem like a thing of the past. When you have a possibility to navigate to a location or to access various settings for your PC to customize, why go for complex commands and a dull interface.

commands for computer

Well, it might not be as useless as you might think. Most of the time, command prompt can be a little complex, but it makes all the manual simply tweaking the task of a single command. Usually, users of the command prompt working on right now will be aware of its importance and understand how powerful it is. This could be the reason why they do not mind learning some tricks or commands to take care of daily tasks in a snap. It's worth saving a few moments of extra work each day by learning at least the basics of command prompt.

We have compiled a list of the best and useful commands Command Prompt and tricks that can help you work better. Whether you just started using the command prompt or if you are a frequent user, you should be able to find a trick to make things a bit. In case you are not sure how to access the command prompt or you want to know how to see a list of switches for each order, you can refer to our guide novice users to the Windows command line for instructions. Here are the most useful commands every Windows user needs to know.

What is Command Prompt?

Command Prompt program is one of the most powerful programs in your PC window. You can control all of your PC by making use of this utility. Here I have compiled a list of some top cmd command that runs in your Windows 7 or Windows 10 PC. By learning these Command 

Prompt commands, you can quickly launch the program and make your work fast enough.

1. Automatically Complete Commands with Tab

If you do not know the complete orders just type the first letter and press the Tab key. When you press the Tab key, command prompt offers many orders.
These are some of the tips cool and interesting CMD and unknown that will definitely help you understand the command prompt in a better way. Hopefully these towers are very beneficial for you in your tasks done in less time.

2. Watch Star Wars Episode IV

This is a tip Command Prompt remarkably calm despite not productive, but it is quite fun to do. You can actually watch the famous Star Wars Episode IV inside your command prompt. It will be an ASCII version so do not expect a full HD movie high digital quality.The process is fairly simple. Just check the steps:

computer cmd commands

First, Prompt open orders. Type this command "telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl" and press Enter. The film starts automatically without any delay.
Note: Ensure that Telnet is enabled in your PC. If you do not have here, you can get information to install and activate Telnet from the Microsoft site.

3. Compare Two Files

There is a possibility that you can compare two text files in the command prompt and check the difference. The results are not as good as third comparison tools available file, but it is worth a tour and fun to do!

First, you must type the command "FC" and enter the directories of two text files. Make sure the files are in a format .txt functioning).
For example, you can type "fc C: \ haider \ sample1.txt C: \ haider \ Sample2.txt" and press Enter to get a comparison of the two files. You then get a response like, the files are different or the two files are identical.

In the example above, here is the sense of the order:
  •     "C" is the drive where the text file is located,
  •     "Haider" is the name of the folder where the text file located.
  •     "Sample1.txt" is a text file name. Both files can be located anywhere on your PC, you simply            provide the correct directory.
If both files have different content and then run this command displays different content and if the two files have the exact same content, the command returns the message "encountered no difference" as shown in the picture above.

4. Create Undeletable Folders

You can create folders undeletable using a specific set of keywords.
  • In the command prompt, type the name of the drive where you want to create the folder (it does not have Windows installed in it).
cmd commands

  •  You can get fast network details, such as IP address and subnet mask and default gateway with a single command.
  • Type "ipconfig" and press Enter, you will see all the details of your network.

5. Hide Files and Folders using Command Prompt

You can hide your files and folders with confidential and private using the command prompt that can be accessed using the traditional Windows masking function.
  • Initially, type the name of the drive where the file is located, then enter "Attrib + r + h +" this command and then enter the name of the file / folder you want to hide. Then it looks something like that "D: + r haider of Attrib + h +".
Hide files and folders using the command prompt
  • If the file is in another folder, the command must come before the file / folder you want to hide not only by name Drive. To view the folder again, use the same process above, but change the command "attrib -s -h -r" to "Attrib + h + s + r".

6. Get List of Currently Running Tasks

The command "tasklist" can be used to provide an updated list of all running tasks on your PC. Although somewhat redundant with the Task Manager, the command can rarely find hidden tasks of the view in this utility. There is also a wide variety of modifiers.

pc tips and tricks for hacking
  • -svc Tasklist >> This command displays the services associated with each task.
  • -v Tasklist >> It can be used for more details on each task.
  • -m Tasklist >> It can be used to locate .dll files associated with active tasks.
These commands are beneficial for advanced troubleshooting.

7. Create Wi-Fi Hotspot using Command Prompt

 You do not actually need any kind of third-party applications to create a Wi-Fi hotspot to share your Internet PC, you can simply do it from the command prompt.

In the command prompt, enter the following command to enable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

"Netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = Hotspotname key = password"
  • Once activated, you can start the Wi-Fi hotspot by entering the command "start hostednetwork netsh       wlan" or stop it by entering the command "stop hostednetwork netsh wlan".
  • You will also need to share your Internet connection with this hotspot for everyone to use.
  • Go to the "Network and Sharing" option in the Control Panel, then click "Change adapter settings" in the left panel.
  • Now right-click the Internet connection you use and click "Properties."
  • In the properties, go to the Sharing tab and check the "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection" to share your Internet connection.

8.Use Function Keys

You can use function keys (F1, F2, F3, etc.) right inside command prompt and get various results. Below are the application of functions keys in Command Prompt:

F1: Pastes per character last used command

F2: Pastes last used command only to a specified command character

F3: Pastes Last used command

F4: Delete command only to a specified command character

F5: Pastes last used command without cycling

F6: Pastes ^Z

F7: Provides a list of already used commands (selectable)

F8: Pastes cycleable used commands

F9: Will let you paste command from the list of recently used commands

9.Get Network Details

apk files for PC
  • You can get quick network details, like IP address and subnet mask or Default Gateway with a single command.
  • Type “ipconfig” and press Enter, you will see all the details of your network.

 10.Save a Command to a File

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  • If you want to save the results of a command to a .txt file for future reference, so it is quite a simple thing. Check it out!
  • Just type add "> (name of destination / file with a .txt extension)" at the end of the command you are about to perform.
  • For example, you can type "ipconfig> c: \ Networkdetails.txt", this command will create a .txt file in the C: drive with the name "Networkdetails".

11.Create Undeletable Folders.

In the command prompt, type the name of the drive where you want to create the folder (it does not have Windows installed in it).

free tips and tricks for pc
  • After that, type one of these keywords "md con \" or "md lpt1 \" and press Enter. So it should look like this "D: md con \".
  • This will create a folder with the same name could not be deleted or renamed.
  • To delete the folder replace "md con \" with "rd con \" or "md lpt1 \" with "rd lpt1 \".

12.Ping Command

It is necessary to identify and verify whether the packets that you send are reaching the appropriate destination or a specific networked device. That’s where ping comes into picture which is the handiest thing.
  •     All you need to do is to simply type “ping” followed by an IP address or web domain.
  •     This will send a series of test packets to the specified address.
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  • If they arrive and are returned in a proper way, you know the device is capable of communicating with your PC
  • But if it fails, you know that there’s something blocking communication between the device and your computer.
  • This can help you decide if an issue is caused by improper configuration or a failure of network hardware.

13.Open Command Prompt From Any Location

If you are very used to the Command Prompt program for very long, you know it can be very boring running cd / chdir time and again to get the correct directory you want to work. Fortunately, there is an amazing trick Prompt command that lets you open a command prompt window in any folder that you see in Windows. 

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  • All you have to do is just browse in Windows, in the folder you want to start working from the command prompt.
  • Right click on a folder containing Shift button. Hit the "Open command window here" and you will be able to open the command prompt from that location.
  • If you're a Command Prompt power user, you'll certainly understand the importance of this little trick.

14.Use QuickEdit Mode

Command Prompt comes with QuickEdit mode that helps you instantly copy and paste content with only your right click. In QuickEdit mode, you can highlight the content and right-click to copy and right-click in an empty area to paste the contents of the clipboard.
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  • To enable QuickEdit mode, right-click the top of the command prompt interface and select "Properties."
  • In the properties, check the box next to "QuickEdit Mode" to activate.
  • Later, you need to disable it.

 15. Check IP address of any Website

download kiwi camers app for pc 
  • You can see IP address of any website just by entering “nslookup” command along with the name of the website. For example, you can type “nslookup website name” to find its IP address.


download free apk files for pc 

In fact, every time you delete files on a mechanical hard drive, it does not remove all. Instead, it marks the files as more accessible and the space they took as free. The files are recoverable until they are replaced by new data, which could take some time.

However, the encryption control can be used to wipe a directory by writing random data. To delete your C drive, for example, you should use the "cipher / w: c", which wipe the free space on the disk. The command does not replace undeleted data, so you delete the files you need by running this command. There are also a host of other encryption controls, however, they are generally redundant with Bitlocker enabled versions of Windows.

17. Copy Data from the Command Prompt

  • Usually, to copy data we use Ctrl+C but when coming to Command Prompt, the process is actually different.
  • It is not that hard, just right-click anywhere in the window and click on “Mark” from the menu.
  • After that, just select the text you want to copy and hit Enter to copy it.
free downlaod windows 10 for pc
Note: In Windows 10, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V commands to copy/paste has been enabled in Command Prompt. If you are using Windows 10, so you don’t need to follow the above process. Also, In Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts for CMD are enabled by default which wasn’t the case with the previous version of Windows.

 18.Make your Command Prompt Transparent in Windows 10

 Make your Command Prompt Transparent in Windows 10 without the need of downloading any software on your PC. This is the latest and unique feature in Window 10, you just need to open the command prompt properties for enhancing your command prompt opacity. Try this trick in your Window PC and give your computer a stylish look.
  • Step 1: First of all, open Command Prompt in your Computer.
  • Step 2: Open Cmd Properties in Window PC.
download windows 10 for pc 
  • Step 3: Choose Colors section in Command Prompt Properties. Now change the opacity value for changing your command prompt transparen
download bluestacks app for pc
  •  Step 4: This way you can make your command prompt transparent in Windows 10. 

(* Sri) Download KiwiCamera App For PC and Laptop on windows XP 7 8

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Hello friends,Techtwister is back with a great post, That is Download KiwiCamera App for PC/Laptop.Simply follow the steps in this post to Download KiwiCamera App For PC.

Download Kiwi camera app for PC : This application is made for those who like to take selfies and enjoy editing them. Add different frames to your images and give them a surprise appearance. You can find images of geometric symbols, labels, and Mini Cactus and Provence. What would be funnier than adding quality stickers to your photo. Make your image stand out with incredible and beautifully designed stickers. I would say this is one of the best adhesive manufacturer with many options.I frame collage design rather use this application because it has got many new and unique features. You can add tons of new filters in real time and save the image as you wish. In addition, the original image is not compressed, while you can make your skin look better and shine


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Best Features Of Kiwi Camera :-

  • First, it is to download and use for free
  • It was published for the mobile platform Android only
  • Use adjustable 36 sets of adhesive labels
  • Add stylish upgrades, combine photos together
  • You can use filters to make your skin glow better
  • Add sublime stickers and make standout
  • Mount your frame with top executives.
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Download KiwiCamera App For PC and Laptop : Windows XP 7 8  10 :-

The best part is, after editing photos, you can instantly share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram easily. It allows you to engage and let others know what you are doing. No need to use a web browser to download new pictures on social media to show off. Just use the button on the action and let your friends feel jealous of you.

  • You must first obtain Bluestacks PC from here
  • Now it installed afterwards on the screen guide
  • The next part is to run the emulator, the search application "Camera Kiwi"
  • Then click install and it will download automatically
  • As installation is complete, the application is now available in the applications menu
  • Finally run Kiwi Camera and enjoy editing photos!

Download KiwiCamera App For MAC OS Using Andyroid Emulator :-

  • First you must install Andyroid for MAC after downloading it from here
  • Then you will quickly find "KiwiCamera" app using their search bar
  • Now you must select the respective application and click to install
  • Then wait for the application to be downloaded and next it will install completely
  • Now you can run and edit all your photos from MAC!
That's all !! Guys, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and now you can also use KiwiCamera App on Windows PC or laptop for free. If you have questions related to this tutorial please ask in the comments.

{** Latest} Download Clash of Lords 2 for PC or Computer (Windows 7/8)

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Hello friends ,Techtwister is back with a greatest Post, That is Download Clash of Lords 2 for PC. Simply Follow the steps To Know More About Clash of Lords2 And That Installation.

Download Clash of Lords 2 for PC:- IGG.COM developer had come with a great strategy game that is available on the Google Play Store for free. There are some features that are paid but you can always expect the rest of the game to be free. Name game Clash of Lords 2 is here and you'll find a complete guide on how to download Clash of Lords 2 for PC.eason not to play in the future. You will definitely find useful and will surely become addicted to a few minutes. Boom Beach for PC is an amazing play.

There are many surprises in the game through which you will pass and throughout the game you will explore many new things. Also it is the second version of the game itself so you can expect to be better improved version. This adds another because of the quality in his bag.

First, I will share the process of installing straightly and then I'll share important features of this game so that you can go through the process first and waiting until it is complete, you can read on the game.

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Features of Clash of Lords 2 for Computer :-

  • This is the game you are ready to install and it will take some time if you had already done with the installation process. Follow this section and within minutes you will get to know exactly what it all play.
  • Since it is a game of strategy so you can expect what you need to do exactly inside. Your main job is to create a strategy and help you win you battles against the enemy within.
  • There are a lot of enemies in the game and you can help you to beat them through the available resources and the best strategy you can write now.

downlaod clash of lords for pc
  • Your main task is to create your own kingdom and city using the resources that you encounter in the game. You can rally your own friends as well and this game is simple to learn but difficult to master.
  • I think you really enjoyed this guide to download Clash of Lords 2 for PC or computer easily. Also, please continue to visit Robert is Bothered.
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How to Download Clash of Lords 2 for PC :-

Start following the steps mentioned here as it is and I'm hoping that your system is meeting the requirements mentioned above.
  • First you must download YouWave on your computer first. You must get its official website (here). You will get a setup off-line so it can take some time.
  • Once you have obtained a copy of the installer, you must click on the file and the installation process will begin. You must click and follow the instructions on the screen that you see here and in the next two minutes, YouWave be ready.
bluestacks app for pc
  • Start the software and then you have to choose the free trial option. It allows you to get the software to use it free for first 10 days, then you need to buy the premium package (off course if you find it's worth it).
  • Once software is started, then you must run the Web browser application. You must open the official Google Play store and then later use the search tool to find Clash of Lords 2 play.
  • Finally, once you have found the game, then open it and click on the option to install it before. You will be asked to log in with a Google account eventually. Then do it.
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 About Clash of Lords 2 for PC game :

It is a game with lots of dark arena going on and you need to be super fast in order to get started and play well. Other things are all same like its a strategy game, you need to build empire, train troops and attack other empires. Also you need to protect your own tomb.

But doing all these things isn’t that easy here since everything is of hard level and so you need to be expert or at least not a rookie to start with.I think you really enjoyed this tutorial which is about how to Download Clash of Lords 2 on PC and please keep on visiting this website for more amazing articles.

I hope you have successfully Download Clash of Lords 2 for PC, using the guide on How to Download Clash of Lords 2 for PC.If u have Any Quiries Fell Free To comment Below.And be follow us On Facebook, Google+, Twitter.

{^^ Popular} Download Popcorn Time App For PC/laptop Windows 8.1/8/7,Mac

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Hello friends, Techtwister is back with a great post of how to download Popcorn Time For PC/laptop. In this post, you can download Popcorn time app newer version to Use on your pc/laptop.

Popcorn Time App :- is an open-source media player, provide a video streaming service created by a programmer and designer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but abruptly stopped by its original developer March 14, 2014 for reasons of legality. Subsequently, Popcorn Time was taken by others and now it is co-developed by 20 people and found fame again for his new Popcorn Time for Android.

Popcorn Time app  is the result of many developers and designers put a lot of APIs to make the experience of watching movies torrent as simple as possible. The new and improved Popcorn Time app lets you watch movies and TV shows online for free in HD or SD with subtitles. Now also available for Android.


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Key Features Of popcorn Time App :-


  • TV Series 1080p
  • NodeWebkit 12 (nw.js 12)
  • Trending categories
  • Remember the last settings selected for things like the Player Volume, Subtitles position and Quality
  • Movies & TV Shows translated synopsis
  • Read Local video files
  • Button "Random" film
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Latest Improvements In popcorn Time App :-

  • You can now drag and drop subtitle (.srt) files on the player to load. This means you can now drag and drop an external stream, and a subtitle to disseminate on external Popcorn Time.
  • Last time, we added a "watched" icon on an episode you played, and now we add the possibility of a video manually looked like, so you can easily update you the progress.
  • Eye icon indicates whether a video was watchedEye icon indicating whether a video has been watched
  • And we do not forget our advanced users. It has been a demand, since we took over the project and Popcorn Time 3.1 beta, you have the option of keeping downloaded files after you quit Popcorn Time

Download And Install Popcorn Time app On Mac/ios :-

Popcorn Time Installation on the Mac is very easy. However, there are several suppliers of Popcorn Time. The most popular are popcorntime.io and Time4Popcorn (popcorn-time.se, now simply called Popcorn Time). We use it because it has the most features, including VPN function that later.


1. Go popcorn-time.se site.
2. Click the red download button you see on the screen to rest immediately to download the .dmg file. The  current version is Beta 5.2 and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or later.
3. Open the downloaded file by right mouse on Time Popcorn icon and choose Open
4. Popcorn Time opens right away, you can now watch movies or series.

Popcorn Time for Windows/PC Download :-

Let's start digging to install the Application Popcorn Time on the PC, you can install Popcorn Time android app easily if you focus on following the instructions carefully. For your understanding, we made clear explanation of each step before you get by mistake, we have provided you could do BlueStacks of successful installation if it is so, then move valuable steps.


1) Open Popcorn Time Apk file which you have downloaded with Bluestacks app player
2) Now it takes sometime to install that app with Bluestacks app player
3) After it’s done, you will see a notification like below (This was taken while installing another app)
4) Now Open Bluestacks App player to run Popcorn time on your PC
5) To find installed apps on your android emulator go to All Apps of BlueStacks
6) Now you will be shown apps that are installed in your Bluestacks android emulator
Above we have given how to download and install the application on windows Popcorntime app on computer. You are able to watch movies on Mac PopCornTime. If you have suggestions and demands please frame your words and knock on the comment box below. If you feel this article is helpful for you to share this message with your friends on social media.

{^^ Trick} How to Unblock Facebook at School/College/University

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Hello friends, Techtwister is back with a greatest Post, That is How to Unblock Facebook In Your System. Simply Follow the steps To Know More About How to Unblock Facebook In Personnel PC.

Unblock Facebook In PC :- Messaging, sharing, posting, liking, commenting, events, advertisements, promotions, and friends and much more. All we get on a single platform social network that is Facebook and I strongly believe that staying away from him is really a difficult task. For people like me, it acts as a dependency-inducing frequent temptation to check my profile and schedule. These methods will teach you how to unblock facebook at school or work without proxy and proxy as well.

unblock facebook on your pc

The obstacle between me and my Facebook timeline is the blockage created by the network administrator that stops Facebook to open to my Wi-Fi college. It is basically done by blocking the IP address of the particular computer in the DNS server so that access to the particular website is completely prevented. If this is the case with you too try these steps and unlock Facebook at school or college.

Ways to Unblock Facebook at School/College/University :-

Method 1- IP Address :

If the Facebook is blocked from the IP address rather than just the Domain server address then PC admin can add IP address in web browser to bypass the blockage from the host file.

If you are on Windows, follow these steps :-

  • Press Win+R key, a Run Command dialog box will open.
  • Enter the following command and hit OK.
facebook apk

  • ping facebook.com -t
  • Note- You can also obtain IP for the address in various IP tool and Linux and MAC use Ping command into the terminal window.
  • Copy this IP address and paste it on your browser.
Download facebook for pc
  • Hence now you can access facebook.com on your browser at your school or college Wi-Fi.
facebook app for pc
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Method 2- DNS Server Address :-

For schools and colleges there are large number of computers but on the shared network same IP address is used by some websites but in case of reputed websites such as Facebook, Orkut etc have their own identical IP address. Hence the network administrator blocks facebook.com from the DNS server.

In this condition Unblock Facebook by using different DNS servers such as Open DNS Server or Google Public DNS Server.

If you are on Windows, follow these steps:
  • Control Panel>> Network and Internet Connections >>> Network Connections
  • On the icon of connection status through which you have internet connection, Right Click on it.
  • In Properties, click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  • Put any of this value in the server of DNS.
  • For OpenDNS server-,
  • For Google DNS server-,
download apk files

Method 3- Use of Proxy Site :-

There are many number of proxy sites available on net hence you first need to find some authentic proxy sites at your own network and then use it on your school or college Wi-Fi. Some of them are:
  • hidemyass.com
  • proxysite.com
  • hotspot.com
  • proxywebsite.org
  • fiberbypass.me
  • proxybay.info

Many at time the overused proxy websites are already blocked by network admin hence it is advisable to search for many number of proxy sites and use them one by one at your school or college Wi-Fi.
In the URL box of the Proxy site enter facebook.com and hence use Facebook.

This method reduces the browsing speed significantly but still you can enjoy Facebook with less technical effort.
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Method 4- Personal Hot Spot :-

You can also use internet through your personal hot spot from your phone and hence access internet without any obstacle. Generally It is blocked only by the network admin on the network hence avoid that particular network and in its place use your personal hotspot. The method followed is simple and the same as you connect other devices on your phone.

{** Vas} Download Ice age Village for PC (Windows & Mac)

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Hello friends, Techtwister is back with a greatest Post, That is How to Download Ice age Village for PC .Simply Follow the steps To Know More About How to Download Ice age Village for PC.

Download Ice age Village for PC:- Our next song is featured Ice Age Village for building shelter PC city / animal that goes a long way by expanding the universe Ice Age. Ice Age Village for PC has been received very positively by the gaming community here as an android adaptation of the classic cartoon movie Ice Age and its sequel. Ice Age Village for PC has been downloaded thousands of times by players worldwide and we could't quite recommend to our viewers that its completely free to play and lots of fun.

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In Ice Age Village for PC, the iconic squirrel, whose antics we caught a glimpse of in movies messed up in a big way. Scrat has cracked the crust of the earth in its search for the ever elusive acorn and it's up to you to save all the extinctions of animals.

Besides Scrat, Ice Age Village for PC also features all the iconic characters like Ice Age Sid, Manny and Diego in the race to save all animals. In Ice Age Village for PC, the player must save the dinosaurs of the terrible fate that happened to them. Create a village and develop to accommodate as many cute animals as possible, providing them shelter and companionship.
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Ice Age Village for PC also features a variety of mini-games reminiscent of the iconic moments in films like Kung Fu Scrat & Egg Rescue Sid. You can also visit your friends villages and see for yourself what they did and how they got in the construction of their property.

So if you are interested in downloading and installation of Ice Age Village for PC simply follow the instructions below.
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Features of Game ICE AGE VILLAGE for PC:-

This game is available on Google Play Store and in addition, it is for free, but you have to shop for a particular options.Ice Age Village for PC
  • It is a village that is built in the unit of ice and surroundings | } you're pretty sure planning to enjoy as a result there are tantalizing performance things.Graphics is HD quality and sound effects very impressive square as sometimes long can provide you with the impressive user expertise.Ice Age Village for PC
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  • You must create your own village with the use of each and every available sources there. creating use of these resources, you need to build a village and wanting glorious impressive.
  • The whole world is developed entirely of ice and therefore all things in there square measure of the time that is the main purpose.You should gain levels in the game and to urge a kind of replacement animals. you may definitely notice several things in there that square measure continually finished among the curtains.
  • In addition to these options, measure instead a large number of mini-games you'll have time to start playing and quit your boring amount.Which means that this game is full package deal and you are constantly intent savor it.Ice Age Village for PC.
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How to Download Ice age Village for PC :-

Method 1: Install Ice Age Village for PC or MAC Using Google Play Store On Bluestacks

  • Install Bluestacks on your Windows PC or MAC.
  • Open Bluestacks now.
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  • Setup Google Play Store using your gmail address. You may use a gmail address if you have an existing one, otherwise you can also create a new gmail address using the on-screen instructions while setting up Google Play Store in Bluestacks.
  • Now open the PlayStore and search for “Ice Age Village“.
  • Install the game now.
  • Click on “My Apps” in Bluestacks now. You will find “Ice Age Village” in your apps.
  • Click on Ice Age Village now.
  • The game will open up. Use the keyboard arrow keys + space key to play the game, or simply follow the on-screen instructions.
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Method 2: Install Ice Age Village for PC or MAC Using Ice Age Village APK On Blustacks

  • Make sure that Bluestacks is installed on your PC.
  • Download Ice Age Village APK from the link attached above.
  • Now double click the downloaded Ice Age Village APK.
  • The APK will start getting installed via Bluestacks.
  • Once Bluestacks notifies you about the complete installation of Ice Age Village, open Bluestacks.
  • Open “My Apps” now and find Ice Age Village.
  • Click the game and follow on-screen instructions to play it.
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Method 3: Install Ice Age Village for PC or MAC Using Andy OS

  • Download latest version of Andy OS on your Windows PC or MAC using the link attached above.
  • Make sure that you’ve properly installed Andy OS.
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  • If you’re using it for the first time, Andy will ask you for the account setup. Follow on-screen instructions to setup your gmail in Andy.
  • Once done, unlock the screen in Andy and open apps.
  • Open Google Play Store and look for “Ice Age Village“.
  • Install the game now. Once done, locate the game in your applications. It should be “Uncategorized” tab.
  • Open the game now, follow the on-screen instructions to play it.
I hope you have successfully Download Ice age Village for PC, using the guide on How to Download Ice age Village for PC. If u have Any Quiries Fell Free To comment Below.And be follow us On Facebook, Google+, Twitter.