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Download Clean Master for PC on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/vista & Mac

Clean Master is an efficient tool to clean the hard disk of Windows junk files, such as temporary files, recycle bin, log files, history, cookies and autocomplete form history of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and other browsers.

By scanning more than 500 popular programs, the software locates cache or junk files generated by media, Internet, games and system processes, eliminating an average of 2 GB of junk each day. Unwanted files take up valuable storage space and reduce the performance of a computer. Clean these files regularly with Clean Master for PC helps users to recover the storage and improve the speed of the computer.

Clean Master for PC is fast and easy to use with an intuitive user interface. With a single click, Clean Master will begin its analysis, revealing to users the amount of garbage detected for each program, with the option to quickly delete these junk files. The dynamic and colorful design offers popular flat elements in the interface, showing users simple icons of each program that the software scans. Overall, the software provides a better cleaning experience that is simple and safe.

Top Features of Clean Master for PC on Windows, Mac :

  • Best free application to improve your devices.
  • It smoothly operates your devices and also provides the lock feature of the application.
  • Clean all junk files by one click.
  • Severs as an antivirus and you do not need to pay a single penny.
  • Support the most important.
  • Optimize your device with the new techniques introduced.
  • Use it for a lifetime and update the new techniques.
Clean Master for PC in Windows is always free and is used throughout life. Protects your PC, laptop and Android phones against viruses, vulnerabilities, spyware, trojans and adware. Therefore, it provides complete security and boosts the performance of your device. I hope this has helped you and you will feel happy when your device is cleaned. Thanks for watching this.

How to Download and Install Clean Master for PC or Laptop with Bluestacks

The Android emulator plays a vital role in installing and downloading Android applications on your laptop or PC. There are wide ranges of emulator tools available online, but few of them gain more recognition among people because of their reliability. While considering Bluestacks Android Emulator, it is one of the highly preferred tools that helps you install the clean master easily. It is important to download and install the Bluestacks emulator on your PC or Laptop, before installing the clean master tool.

Now you need to install Bluestacks for which you need to download the official version of Bluestacks using the official link here.

  • Once you have installed the bluestacks on your PC, you can open it correctly
  • You can click the search icon in the Android tab
  • You can now type as Clean master in the search box as well as click the search playback option for the valid clean master
  • The page will be properly redirected to the Google Play Store within Bluestacks.
  • You can click on the clean master tool to install
  • Click the install button and wait a while to complete the installation process.
  • After completing the installation procedure, you can navigate to the Bluestakcs homepage and click on each application. After that, you can easily remove your windows 7, Xp, laptop or PC.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

TASKER For PC – Download On Windows XP/7/8/Mac

TASKER For PC : Download on Windows XP / 7/8 / Mac: - Hey friends you want to use this android app awsome on your PC (Windows 7/8 MAC). Then just follow this post - TASKER for PC. TASKER is an awesome receiver application, you can send video, photos, songs to your TV. This Android apps is developed by ClockworkMod. Now this TASKER for PC is being so popular in the Google Play Store. Android users have been using these applications for a long time. But now we are coming up with this great tips for using how to run TASKER on PC.

There are more features in TASKER android apps. You can send pictures, photos, movies, videos, songs to your TV by any android smartphone. Just download these apps for free from here. If you are using smartphone (Android) then you can download TASKER apps for free. But you want to use TASKER on your PC / computer / laptop then just follow all the steps and enjoy TASKER on the PC.

Download Tasker for PC Windows & MAC with Bluestacks

  • Download and install Bluestacks for the host operating system.
  • Once you have finished installing Bluestacks, open it by placing it on the desktop or on the PC board.
  • You can locate the search bar at the top of the Bluestacks window.
  • In the search bar type "Tasker" and press enter.
  • After that, you'll be in the Google Play Store. Click on the application and install it.
  • After you have finished downloading and installing the application, locate it in the All Apps section. Left-click on the application to open it.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to run and use the application.

Download Tasker for PC Windows and MAC using Andyroid

  • Download Andyroid on your PC.
  • Open the downloaded installation file. The downloaded file will be small in size and additional files will be downloaded as it continues.
  • Once done, locate Andy and open it.
  • You will find the lock icon on the right side of the screen. Click and drag it anywhere to unlock Andy.
  • Locate the Google Play Store icon in the lower right corner of the control panel and open it.
  • In the search bar type "Tasker" and press enter.
  • After that, you'll be in the Google Play Store. Click on the application and install it.
  • After you have finished downloading and installing the application, you can find the application on the main screen.
  • Click the mouse to open the application.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to run and use the application.

Download Tasker for Windows PC using AMIDuOS

  • Note that this method will work only for the Windows-based operating system.
  • Download and install AMIDuOS in the Windows operating system.
  • When you have finished installing AMIDuOS and Google Play Store, open it.
  • Unlock the screen by dragging the lock icon to either side of the screen.
  • Locate the Google Play Store icon in the menu and click on it.
  • In the search bar in the Play Store, search for "Tasker."
  • Once found, click on the application to install it.
  • After downloading and installing the application, click on the application in the menu to open it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to run the application

(Download) Poweramp for Pc Free (Windows 7/8/8.1/Xp) - Poweramp Apk Free

Poweramp Apk For PC

Download Poweramp For PC :- Poweramp is one of theapps that is growing at the much rapid growth, when it comes to listen any song or music on an Android Smartphone. Due to its multiple features and smooth interface similar lik kik messenger for pc which is very friendly to user, it has gained very high popularity on play store. Which is why it has millions of download on Google play store and number of review in support of it.

 Poweramp apk for pc

Therefore today we have come up with the trick by which you will be able to download Poweramp for PC easily and it worked on all versions of pc windows like windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Xp as well.

Download Poweramp For PC is  not only plays the mp3 and other media files but it also plays the high quality video stored on the device. Due to its eye catching interface and ability to play any type of media we are here to guide you through the tutorial in which we will be showing the steps to install it on your computer.

Amazing Features of Power Amp:

 Because of the excellent features of PowerAmp, it has managed to gain popularity and has established a good reputation among many different music player apps present in the market. This amazing music player has all the necessary features that one may need for listening music on Windows or Android. The major advantages and features PowerAmp offers to its users are as follows.
  • the application supports all the major music formats FLAC,APE/WV,  MP3, TTA, MP4/M4A (including loseless ALAC), OGG, WAV and WMA
  • the app supports lyrics search and lyrics via musiXmatch plugin
  • it also has a convenient 10 band graphical equalizer with presets
  • it contains separate Bass and Treble adjustment.
poweramp player for pc
  • gapless
  • crossfade
  • users who download PowerAmpcan easily play play music from media library or from folders
  • mono mixing, stereo expansion,  and balance
  • the music player supports .cue;
  • editing and tag browsing
  • there is a dynamic queue
  • it also supports m3u, pls, m3u8, wpl playlists
  • 4 configurable widgets for lock screen
  • the player also downloads missing album art
  • scrobbling
  • when you download PowerAmp and install it on your PC, album covers will automatically be downloaded along with it
  • high level of customization via skins and settings.
Download Dubsmash For PC
Download Tubemate For PC

Advantages of using PowerAmp music player application:

  • The first advantage you will get by using this music player is that you can play numerous files in your device including FLAC, MP3, ALAC, WMA and WAV.
  • The app allows its users to browse and play songs either from the automatically generated music library or specified folders present on your device.
  • It comes with various home screen widgets foe fast music control, and lock screen controls.
  • It also comes with fast scan folder.
audio player for pc
  • It has a sleep timer that pauses the song in between
  • Album art finder is also another major feature that you can download which saves a lot of time for you.
  • Works on all android devices

How to Download Download Poweramp for Pc :-

In order to download this music app for your PC, we will need to just follow some of the steps for which we would be using Android emulator called BlueStacks because it is one of the popular emulator on on the internet.

So here is the step by step guide to download and install Poweramp for PC using Bluestacks.
  • Firstly to download and installing Bluetacks, go to the link provided here and for successful installation on your computer just follow the on-screen instruction.
bluestacks app for pc
  • Once you are done with the installation of the emulator which is simple to install, you just need to open it.
  • Now you need to download the Show box app in apk format because if you search it inside the Bluestacks app, you would get nothing. Therefore you would need to download it separately.
  • Once you have downloaded the APK file. Just right click on it and click on “Run with Bluestacks” option.
  • Now the app will be automatically installed.
    Now if you want to run the app once again you need to go to Bluestacks>All apps>Poweramp.
power amp for pc google play
  • Now the app will open automatically and you will just need to play your favorite song.

Friday, 24 February 2017

(Download) FastKey Launcher APK - Fast Key App For PC Free

 fastkey app for mobile apk download
There are so many Android launchers out there that finding the right home screen replacement for you - one that perfectly suits your needs and style of use - becomes a vast trial and error exercise. There are pitchers who are all about looks, those who try to attract the powerful user with heps of shortcut options and gestures, and then there are the middlemen, those who want to bring the best of both worlds (but rarely succeed in doing it).

 download fastkey launcher apk app for pc

Either way, there are probably ten new launchers that run every day on Google Play. That many of them are mediocre is a secret for anyone, especially for those who have gone through dozens of home screen replacements over the years. However, from time to time, a single well-thought-out launcher would emerge on the massive front of Google's online store, and more often than not, it would not get the attention it deserves, just to stay buried under the mounds of another Home Replacing screen apps and sliding in the dark.

 apk for pc download fastkey launcher app

Today, we had the opportunity to launch a promising new Android launcher for a return before its official launch on Google Play. FastKey Launcher is developed by a startup of the same name, the key investors in which they are two former executives of SPB Software. SPB Software, now a division of Russian IT giant Yandex, is the company that developed the SPB Shell 3D launcher for Symbian devices almost a decade ago. SPB Shell 3D found its way to Android a few years later and opened the floodgates for an endless stream of home screen replacement applications. With that said, let's see if FastKey Launcher deserves your time and attention.


Making a point here, let's now review Fastri Andriod pitcher to see if they really deserve our attention and time or not.
  • The replacement of the launch screen of Fastkey Android launcher is to simply launch or dial a contact as fast as possible.
  • Android Quick Key Launcher has no business with folders, shortcuts, label application drawers, and tastes. Instead, you need a search-based approach by replacing a virtual keyboard and a search bar on your home screen.
  • With the fast launch applications for Android, what you do is touch a key and all the applications and corresponding contacts with the recorded letter will automatically appear above the keyboard.
  • Speed-wise, Fastkey launcher applications for Android absolutely outperforms scrolling through your contact list or drawer application.
  • In terms of dexterity, the hot key is a top launcher for the Android home screen replacement if you have many applications installed on your device.
  • Fastkey offers the fastest launch ever in an application of its type.
  • Although the Rapid Key Android launcher does things totally differently, it still gives you the opportunity to use the traditional home screen. It has a spring at the bottom in addition to other scrollable pages so you can set icons and folders, as well as a custom drawer application for your move at any time you want.
  • Fastkey launcher for Android applications replacing home screen is not complicated in terms of customization. It offers you the opportunity to choose between scroll effects ranges, let you adjust the grid size of your home screen, change the icon's label, customize the design of your drawer applications and so on.
 fastkey launcher apk for pc free download

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

(Download) Official ADW Launcher 2 now ready on Play Store -ADW Launcher2 Apk

Finally, the ADW launcher is out of beta. The new app launcher is already live on the Google Play Store after months of being beta. It is now in stable version, ready to be unlocked by the old and new fans of ADW Launcher. Some of you may remember this as the original launcher, but it was not updated in a long time. The developers took five years to publish a legitimate update from the ADW EX.

 downlaod adw apk for pc app

Well, it really is not five years because the application developer, AnderWeb, said they launched the same update three years ago. It's just that now the team is pushing aggressively and allowing more people to try it. The application is free to download, but offers in-app purchases. At present, premium features are offered at a 45% discount. Unlock the important ones now because they can return soon to their full prices.
 download apk files

There are some changes to the ADW Launcher that are expected to make our digital and mobile life easier. The app was actually built from the ground up, making it a totally new application with new features that include support for Android 7.1 launcher shortcuts, dynamic color UI, new effects section icons, fast scrolling drawer style Application, desktop transitions, new section to configure Badges icon, visual mode to configure the desktop, and folder mode from shelter to folders among others.

 apk adw app for pc download

Several important features have been improved, such as application categories in the application drawer, user gesture management, application of internal and external themes, context menu for all desktop objects and dialog of icons or properties. There are more improvements but they all guarantee a better pitcher. It's time for this new pitcher, especially if things start to get boring with your current.

What makes ADW different?

  • It supports Android versions from 1.6 to 4.1!
  • It is highly customizable, almost in every aspect you can imagine.
  • Thousands of skins and themes with support for the most popular themes of the launcher!
  • Mix and match your skins, icons, springs, folders, etc.
  • Configure your applications in unlimited groups and hide unwanted applications.
  • Quick setup screen with quick access to add items or configure everything.
  • Gestures for quick operation (slide up, 2 fingers slide up, pinch out, etc.)
  • Configurable Action Bar, similar to android 3.x + tablet interface.
  • Editor screens to add, delete, change and resize the screens of your desktop.
  • Configurable visual indicators of the desktop.
  • Easy set up and management of folders, previews of contents, arrangements, colors, etc.
  • New AppWidget picker for devices running Android 4.1 and later.
  • Icon editor to create your own custom shortcuts or edit existing ones
  • Resizing AppWidget
  • AppWidget backuprestore (for Android 4.1 and later)
  • Customizable applications connect with support for unlimited shortcuts with paged scrolling.
  • A lot of settings to play with: texts, colors, animations, sizes ... you should dig in!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

(Tech) Top Tech Execs Protest Trump's Immigration Ban -Thetechtwister

Just over a month ago, leaders of the technology industry met with then-President-elect Donald Trump to discuss ways to work together. Over the weekend, however, several top executives in Silicon Valley criticized the White House for an executive order that temporarily bars people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

The executive order signed by Trump on Friday set off a weekend of air travel chaos, large public protests and rapid responses by attorneys seeking to help green card holders and other travelers who were detained at airports across the country. It also created new challenges for a tech industry that's led by many immigrants and employs many professionals from overseas.

As of this morning, tech leaders who had made public statements critical of the executive order included Google CEO Sundar Pichai (pictured above), Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Lyft co-founders Logan Green and John Zimmer, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, both of whom are members of Trump's business advisory council, said they planned to raise the issue with other council members and discuss their concerns with the president.

Impact Is 'Real and Upsetting' :-

It's painful to see the personal cost of this executive order on our colleagues," Google's Pichai, who came to the U.S. from India, wrote in a memo to employees, according to a Bloomberg report. "We've always made our view on immigration issues known publicly and will continue to do so.
Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who was born in the former Soviet Union, went to San Francisco International Airport on Saturday to join other protestors against the travel ban.

The Executive Order's humanitarian and economic impact is real and upsetting," Twitter's Dorsey said Saturday in a tweet. "We benefit from what refugees and immigrants bring to the U.S.
Dorsey was one of the few top tech executives not invited to last month's summit with Trump, reportedly because Trump, a frequent Twitter user, was angered that the site declined to allow an anti-Hillary Clinton emoji during the presidential campaign.
As an immigrant and as a CEO, I've both experienced and seen the positive impact that immigration has on our company, for the country, and for the world," Nadella wrote Saturday on LinkedIn, noting that Microsoft's president and chief legal officer Brad Smith had sent an email about the matter to all company employees. "We will continue to advocate on this important topic.
My great grandparents came from Germany, Austria and Poland," Facebook's Zuckerberg said in a blog post on Friday, adding that his wife, Priscilla, was born to refugees from China and Vietnam. "The United States is a nation of immigrants, and we should be proud of that. Like many of you, I'm concerned about the impact of the recent executive orders signed by President Trump.

Uber Criticized for JFK Airport Services :-

While Kalanick sent an email to Uber employees on Saturday expressing opposition to the travel ban and support for drivers who might be affected by the order, his company found itself the target of a "DeleteUber" campaign on Twitter.

The action was launched by Twitter user Dan O'Sullivan after Uber announced Saturday that it would suspend surge pricing for trips to and from JFK International Airport. That evening, the New York City Taxi Workers Alliance had said that it would not offer airport rides to show support for refugees, immigrants and protestors. Newest movies hd

Uber competitor Lyft, meanwhile, drew attention Sunday for its pledge to donate $1 million to the American Civil Liberties Union over the next four years "to defend our constitution."
Banning people of a particular faith or creed, race or identity, sexuality or ethnicity, from entering the U.S. is antithetical to both Lyft's and our nation's core values," Green and Zimmer wrote in a blog post. "We stand firmly against these actions, and will not be silent on issues that threaten the values of our community.

(Download) Piano Tiles 2 for PC-Windows 7,8,10 and Mac- Piano tiles Apk Thetechtwister

Hi Buddy's , Thetechtwister is get back with a greatest post , that is Download Piano tiles 2 for Pc .Please follow the Steps to Install The piano tiles 2 In your PC For free.

Download Piano Tiles 2 for PC :- Piano Tiles 2 for PC is now available bringing another game based on Don’t Tap the While tile, to your PC screens, the reason why this game is called Piano Tiles, is cause every-time you touch a Tile, it will play a Piano Tune. However, instead of taping a single tile, this time you have to make sure to tap 2 tiles at the same time and if you tap 2 Black Tiles then the game is over. You can even Tap and Hold onto tiles, but have to make sure that there is no Black Tile in the way, missing a Tile will also count a loss and 3 Missing tiles will finish the game.

piano tiles apk

Piano Tiles 2 for PC is sure to give you a huge and tough challenge, since everything gets speed up once you start tapping and the speed goes on and on,the faster you tap the faster the tiles will move. Multi-Player mode allows you to challenge anyone across the world.Here we will show you How to Download and Install MONOPOLY for PC running Windows 7, Windows 8,Windows Vista and Mac OS X, however, if you are interested in other apps, visit our Android Apps for PC and locate your favorite ones, without further ado, let us continue.
CLICK HERE  To Download Latest Bus simulator 2016 For PC

Piano Tiles Highlights Include:

  • Relaxing and also enjoyable music that goes along while you play the game.
  • Play four game modes: Classic, Zen, Arcade, and Relay mode.
  • Supported by Google Game Leaderboard.

Gaming Modes:

  • Classic Mode – In this mode, the aim is to try and tap all fifty black tiles in the correct order as fast as possible. There will be a timer that will keep track of your fastest time.
 piano tiles apk free download
  • Arcade Mode – In this mode, the tiles come steadily faster and faster as you move along. Your aim is to tap as many black tiles as possible without hitting a single white tile. Once you do, it’s game over.
  • Zen Mode – In this mode, you have to touch as many black tiles within a thirty second limit.
  • Rush Mode – Similar to Arcade mode, but even faster. See if you can tap as many black tiles without getting dizzy!
download beauty plus app for pc
  • Relay Mode – In this mode, you get fifty piano tiles within ten seconds and once you past that, you get another ten seconds before proceeding to the next fifty piano tiles. If your timer runs out before you are able to finish the fifty tiles or you hit a white tile, then it is game over for you.
By this time, you are already hooked on playing this game. But if there be a downside to it and like most apps, it may tend to drain your battery and waste some vital memory space on your mobile device and nobody wants that. What if I told you could play Piano Tiles Android App on PC? You might think I was crazy! But it’s true. You can play Piano Tiles on your computer using one simple tool – Andy.
Download Popcorn Time app for pc

How to Download Piano Tiles Android App for your PC:

download bluestacks app for pc
  • Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.
  • When the software is ready to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.
beauty plus app for pc free downlaod
  • Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search Piano Tiles download.
  • Find Piano Tiles and start the installation.
  • Launch the game and you can now play Piano Tiles on pc using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touchscreen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.
  • You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app
Support: we maintain an online real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Andy OS installation process, you can use this link to access the group: support

Monday, 6 February 2017

(Trick) How to Watch/Play YouTube Videos in VLC Media Player – 2 Simple Ways

Hello friends ,Unlike 123movies download Techtwister is back with a greatest Post, That is How to play online videos in VLC media player. Simply Follow the steps To Play the online videos in VLC Media Player.

 youtube in vlc

YouTube is one of the most popular sites used by millions of people around the world because it has a huge collection of videos. YouTube is an incredible source that captivates many people with different types of videos. often millions of people visit YouTube to watch videos to watch tutorials, entertainment and more. YouTube is the web site in over 60 languages ​​used by millions of people in several countries.
We meet some interesting videos on YouTube and sometimes we feel like the download to watch, even when you're offline.

Unfortunately, there is no option to download videos from YouTube directly. YouTube is designed so that it is expected to watch online video. Do not worry. Here, I came up with a simple solution that lets you watch and download your desired videos from YouTube, even when you are online. You might be very excited to watch the title. You can watch or play YouTube videos in VLC media player. Yes, you heard right! You can easily watch any YouTube video in your VLC Media Player without facing any issues.
Usefull CMD Commands For Windows User

Watch YouTube Videos on VLC Media Player :-

We all know that VLC media player is a haven where one can play videos from numerous websites and watch movies with much ease. It is one of the best media players that is now beneficial for you to watch your favourite YouTube videos. You might have experienced numerous advertisements on YouTube while watching videos. It would be pretty much annoying for you with interrupting ads and comments while watching your favourite videos online.Two Simple Ways to Watch YouTube Videos in VLC Media Player

Here are the two simple methods to watch YouTube videos in VLC media player without any kind of frustrating ads and comments. Have a look!

  • Drank and Drop method
  • Manual Link method

Method 1:
How to Watch/Play YouTube Videos in VLC Media Player through Drag and Drop:-

  • Firstly, install VLC media player in your Phone/system and then run it. 
                                        download vlc for pc
  •  Open VLC media player and go to Tools option ad then select preferences as shown in the below image.
                                  vlc media player for pc
  • In the next screen, you need to select “All” option from below left corner and select Input/codecs option as shown in the below image. 
                                 download hd videos for pc 
  • You will get the number of options on the right sidebar. Select Preferred video resolution and Video quality of your choice option and save the preferences.
  • Selection of video quality depends on the Internet connection speed. For example, if your Wi-Fi speed is 3MBPS then the video quality may reduce. Due to that, the video quality option may end to 720P etc.    
                         hd sex videos for pc 
  • That’s all you are done. Now open YouTube and select any video of your choice. Simply drag and drop the video to VLC Media player. That’s it. The video starts playing. See the below image for reference.      

Method 2:
Watch YouTube videos in VLC Media player through Mannual Link Method :-

  • Here comes the second easy method to play YouTube videos in VLC Media player. If you find the first method is little difficult, then you can follow this one to play videos.
  • Open VLC player and select the Media option from the menu bar. In that select Open network stream option. See the below image for reference.                     
  •  On the next screen, copy and paste the required YouTube URL, in the dialogue box. See the image below. And then click on play.
                      download apk files

That’s all. These are the two methods where we can watch YouTube videos through VLC media player. If you face any problems tutuapp helper during playing youtube videos through VLC player, let us know in the below comments. 

(Download) Free Pocket App For PC Windows/7/8/8.1 And Mac - Pocket Apk Thetechtwister

Hello friends ,Thetechtwister is back with a greatest Post, That is Download Pocket App For PC. Simply Follow the steps To Know More About Pocket App For PC And That Installation.

Download Pocket App For PC:- It plays a leading role in the unlimited storage to keep all the articles and videos you record in a location and the 3 playing modes for full day and night. You can mark each article and the video recording and search for later use. This Pocket app is released for Office Web versions to start browsing the best content with the pocket.

Pocket application is designed to provide really good to read later, even offline. Pocket App store articles, videos and other web content for later in an easy experience beautiful views and optimized for your phone and tablet. But the pocket you refer use the items you like. Desktop browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer allows you to record anything from your desktop to your phone and tablet in one click.

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Features Of Pocket App For PC And Mac :-

  • Unlimited storage to keep all the articles and videos you record in one place.
  • Even articles stores and offline video to view later.
  • It uses less data for your machine and your data nomao camera app records.
 pocket apk for pc
  • Easily organize with powerful search and marking.
  • Easily share something pocket Every note, Twitter, Facebook or friend.
  • Different types of play modes and night

How To Download Pocket App For PC/Laptop :-

Using the handheld application, you can save the article and even offline viewing later, and also saves the data. It is available for iOS and Android for PC. This application pocket can be downloaded directly on PC. You must download a software called Bluestacks is an Android emulator.

 Bluestacks for pc
  • Now install BlueStacks then run it and open the software Bluestacks and there would be a search tool.
  • Locate the application then "pocket" using the search tool and after finding the install button, simply click the Install button.
  • Let your PC for a few seconds allows the handheld application to be installed.
  • Once its completed just go to the My Applications section and open the application installed using the list of Bluestacks application.
  • Then through the app Bluestack list you can start using the application for your Pocket PC.

How To Download The App Pocket For Mac :-

  • You must first download an Android emulator for Mac Andyroid. Click here to download Andyroid.
  • Once downloaded, you need the software is installed on your Mac.
  • Now the search for the game pocket for Mac in the search bar of Andyroid.
  • Then you will see the Pocket icon on the Mac, just open and click Install.
  • Wait a few minutes to let the fully automatic installation.
  • After installing successfully open the Pocket application on mac and start using the handheld application.
I hope you have successfully Download pocket app for PC, using the guide on How to flekstore Download pocket app for PC.If u have Any Quiries Fell Free To comment Below.And be follow us On Facebook, Google+, Twitter

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Dropbox Rolls Out Google Docs Competitor - Thetechtwister

Already a major player in enterprise file sharing and hosting, Dropbox is launching a public version of its new Paper service to make a name for itself among collaborative productivity suite providers such as Google Docs and Microsoft's Office 365.

 dropbox google docs

Paper, which has been available in beta since last year, is aiming to win converts from the big names in the space with a user interface that the company said makes collaboration between coworkers easier. The cloud-based platform will allow users to manage shared documents by assigning different tasks and deadlines to various collaborators.

Making Collaboration Easier :

The service also includes a variety of features designed to make collaboration between team members easier, no matter where in the world they're located. A Paper app is coming to iOS and Android devices to enable users to work on documents even while offline.

The Web interface, meanwhile, is currently available in 21 languages, an important feature for multi-lingual teams. These new capabilities join other recent additions such as presentation mode, a feature that turns documents into presentation slides and integration with Google Calendar to make it easier for teams to create and share notes.

Paper has already reached early enterprise adopters such as InVision, Ben & Jerry's, Shopify, Campaign Monitor, Getaround and Patreon, according to Dropbox. But the company appears to be positioning Paper to steal market share away from Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365.

New Business Plans :

Going head-to-head with such well-established players will likely be a tall order. To help make Paper more attractive to its enterprise clients, Dropbox is also making its file hosting environment more enterprise-friendly. The latest version of the Web interface, which was released in conjunction with Paper, is more streamlined and potentially easier to navigate.

Dropbox has also introduced a new feature that allows users to see others on their teams who have viewed their shared files and when. The company is pitching the tool as a way to help cut down on unnecessary delays while working on projects.

"With the ability to track what happens after you click 'Share,' you can cut down on follow-up emails and keep projects moving forward," the company said yesterday in a statement. The new feature is being gradually rolled out to Dropbox Business teams through the company's early access program.

"In today's workplace, people spend 61 percent of their time managing work rather than doing it," according to Dropbox "That's the equivalent of three days a week searching for information, slogging through emails, and navigating teamwork." The new features on Paper are aimed at reducing those rates, the company said.

At the same time, Dropbox is also introducing new subscriptions for its business clients. The standard business plan priced at $12.50 per month per user offers two terabytes of storage and collaborative tools, while a $20 advanced subscription includes additional administration tools.